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.: May 31, 2008 :.
Since the last post, a lot of things have happened!

Mark and Rita both graduated in May 2007. Mark worked at Academy until December 2007, then quit and found work at Gabe Lozano Municipal Golf Course as an Account Clerk. When he found out that the job had little to do with actual accounting, he decided to look for work in his field. He landed an accounting job at AirGas Southwest that he will begin on June 2nd.

Rita, on the other hand, spent the past year teaching Seminar full-time (5 sections in the fall, 4 in the spring), while doing several jobs for the Computer Science department to supplement this work. In May, she applied for the Seminar Coordinator position, which she was offered and will officially take over on September 1st after a summer of training and workshops.

.: March 9, 2007 :.
Spring Break has finally arrived! We're staying home this year, though. Rita is almost finished with her graduate project and will graduate with her MS in Computer Science in May. Mark is working in the Golf department at Academy and will earn his BBA in Accounting in May. Life is good.

This summer, we are going to Pittsburgh with Mark's parents, which should be awesome!