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Our House

Our first house!

A slightly different angle...

The entryway!

Ariel and Darla posing in the living room.
The only pieces of furniture in this that didn't come with the house were the coffee table and lamp!
The doorway leads to the master bedroom and the sliding door opens to our modest backyard.

Our first baby, Ariel Rose Sperry.
A better name would have been Pillow Hog.

Another view of the living room
The archway on the right leads to the office, spare room, and guest bathroom...

The never-gonna-be-used fireplace.

Yet another view of the living room - from the perspective of Mark's rocking chair.
(Helen Hunt's grandpa painted that...)

Darla posing in the kitchen.

Our lovely table and bay window area.
We're probably going to put real tile in the kitchen and living room areas eventually...

Another view of the kitchen - the closer door leads to the garage.
We're going to get rid of the flower border and paint the walls dark red! ♥

Guest bathroom. Woot!
For some reason, the house didn't come with a curtain rod for the shower.
The one standing up next to the tub is the rod we bought that's a foot too long.

Our sports-themed office/game room...

Another view of our sports-themed office/game room
At least we found a new spot for our old "couch"...

Our huge unfinished spare bedroom. (Both of the beds are full-sized!)
We bought the closer bed -- from the children of the previous owner -- for Joanna as a graduation present last summer.

Our other cat, Mary Anne Sperry. She's...different.

The master bedroom...haven't figured out yet what to put on the walls...

Another view of the master bedroom. I love the recessed ceiling! :)

The master bath - to the left is our enormous room-sized walk-in closet.
It's a mess at the moment, so I will save that treat for a later time.
Oh yeah, and there's a skylight...