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Mark and Rita Sperry met while working at McDonald's. Rita was a senior in high school and Mark was a junior. Although Rita had a boyfriend at the time, she and Mark became fast friends. Pretty soon it became obvious that there was something special going on between them.

That summer, Mark finally mustered up the courage to ask newly-single Rita on a date. (If you asked Rita, she would be able to tell you that Mark asked her out at 7:28pm on July 26, 2001!) In the fall, Rita started college and Mark commenced his senior year, full of dances and exciting ROTC events - he was PT team captain. For Christmas, Mark gave Rita a promise ring.

Over the next four years, there were ups and downs, but the relationship only continued to grow. Rita graduated with her BS in Computer Science in May 2004 and went on to graduate work, while Mark managed to balance work and college in pursuit of an Accounting degree.

On July 26, 2005, Mark got up the nerve to ask another question. He proposed to Rita in the romantic parking lot of Landry's seafood restaurant on their four-year anniversary. Of course, Rita accepted.

After nearly 11 months of juggling school, work, and wedding planning, Mark and Rita were married on June 17, 2006. They honeymooned in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Mark and Rita now live in their new home with their puppy, Ariel, and cats, Mary and Darla. Mark graduated with his BBA in Accounting in May 2007. At the same ceremony, Rita finally earned her MS in Computer Science.